Let’s start with water. Pumps and complex piping systems keep our houses, factories, schools and hospitals functioning. But if something goes wrong, it’s impossible to always have the right technical skills available at every pump installation. This is where AI can transform the process.

We teamed up with Grundfos, one of the world’s largest pump and water management companies, to tackle the challenge of managing and maintaining so many deployed devices with a limited supply of technicians. As it turns out, we turned the problem into a strategic differentiator for Grundfos.

We combined several technologies, including an augmented reality solution using Microsoft HoloLens, to reveal exactly what’s going on with a malfunctioning water pump. While the technician watches the IoT-connected pumps remotely, an AI-driven overlay displays recommendations atop the devices, which appears like a hologram. From there, expert advice is made available to non-technical staffers through an AI-driven conversational agent.

Using our track record in AI, IoT and augmented reality and our expertise in listening to and solving business problems from a human perspective. With this combined expertise, we’re helping Grundfos expand the reach of experts, everywhere their connected devices are deployed.

augmented reality

Applying AI to Deliver AI

Building sophisticated solutions like this requires clean project plans. Our approach, which we call Xtreme Data Engineering (XDE), is an AI-based project advisor that uses our neuro-evolutionary computation platform to identify viable solutions and optimize design across a complex mix of cost, schedule and quality constraints.

Using our patented Learning and Evolutionary Algorithm Framework (LEAF), XDE enables software engineers to discover entirely new objects and behaviors that affect project delivery. We are the first in the industry to use this approach, and we’re bringing that value to our own development and to our client projects to improve quality and on-time delivery.

AI Breakthroughs

As confirmation of our work on these initiatives, the judges at Tech Breakthrough, the market intelligence and recognition platform for global innovation, recognized us as part of their AI Breakthrough Awards program in two prestigious categories: Innovation Award in Augmented Reality and Best Overall AI-based Analytics Solution.

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Selected from over 1,500 nominations in 2019, the AI Breakthrough Awards honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of companies, technologies and products in the field of AI.

As we move further into the digital economy, expect to see AI infiltrating an increasing number of vital initiatives. Whether it’s enabling remote maintenance for leading water management companies or delivering high-quality complex solutions on-time, AI will help us solve our most entrenched challenges in the months and years ahead.

Bret Greenstein

Bret Greenstein

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