Let Chaos Rule: Intervening During Design to Boost Resilience of Distributed Applications

Businesses have long thrived on applications that are flexible, cost-effective, scalable and resilient. The measure of a system’s resilience is its ability to withstand the impact of planned or unplanned disruptions, and recover quickly from a failure. With increased application complexity and an abrupt rise in the number and type of network attacks, however, businesses […]

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Quality Engineering: How Bots Predict and Prevent Failure of Massively Complex, Interconnected Systems

Whether it’s a blowout at an oil rig or the crash of an e-commerce site, the failure of big, complex systems is usually caused not by one catastrophic component failure or human error but a series of small breakdowns in equipment and processes that combine in unpredictable ways. The 2010 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon […]

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