Agile in the Age of COVID-19

When I started with this thing called “Agile,” it didn’t exist. At a time when it was barely gaining popularity, I was asked to learn more about this “method” so I could come back and teach my internal team the basics of being Agile. I took a class, and the rest is history – a […]

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Four ‘No Regrets’ Steps for Shifting into Digital Engineering

“Digital” may have technically been around since the invention of the transistor, but we’re still in the early days of a new economy. We’re moving from digital that’s fun (sharing photos on social media, listening to algorithmically selected music) to digital that matters (extending banking services to the unbanked, treating patients remotely). At the center […]

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Engineering for Reusability and Resilience

I wish everyone reading this could be lucky enough to meet Tim Klein someday.  Tim is an incredible writer, an excellent artist (he built an awesome art car) and one of the best software engineers I’ve ever met. I’ve known Tim for 20 years now and am immeasurably better for it, in a thousand ways, […]

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