National Brands Are Driving Healthcare into New Settings for Care Delivery

Search “healthcare changed forever by COVID-19” online. Millions of results pop up, from a “forever changed” supply chain to a “forever changed” industry landscape due to mergers and acquisitions to “forever changed” care delivery via telehealth. Instead of giving COVID-19 premature credit for all these changes, though, we’d rather call it a catalyst that could […]

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Healthcare, Unbound

Delivering more care through tablets, laptops and mobile phones, whether at home or in another lower cost setting, could help us prevent the next pandemic. For much of the last decade, we’ve envisioned on-demand, “anywhere” delivery of healthcare via a consumer-to business (C2B) platform. The consumer and industry responses to the COVID-19 pandemic are accelerating […]

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App-First Care Points the Way to the On-Demand Healthcare Economy

Providers, look to your business models: The “app-first” approach to on-demand healthcare delivery is now under way. Digital tools are punching holes in the rapidly emptying moat around many healthcare delivery services. Take Amazon Care, a pilot program launched by Amazon for its Seattle-based employees last autumn. Enrolled employees may use chat or video to […]

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