Elevating Data-Driven Design to Meet Humans’ Emotional Needs

When working with modern technologies, the use of legacy design principles will only yield short-term benefits. The end result may satisfy purely functional needs, but it often falls short of truly addressing human behaviors and desires. For this reason, many organizations are turning to data-driven design. By applying analytics to how users navigate systems and […]

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Four ‘No Regrets’ Steps for Shifting into Digital Engineering

“Digital” may have technically been around since the invention of the transistor, but we’re still in the early days of a new economy. We’re moving from digital that’s fun (sharing photos on social media, listening to algorithmically selected music) to digital that matters (extending banking services to the unbanked, treating patients remotely). At the center […]

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Finding Time for Innovation – by Starting Small

Perhaps no question has the power to stop executives and software managers in their tracks faster than, “What are you doing about innovation?” You can’t blame them, as there’s really no blueprint for establishing the processes, mindsets and disciplines required to generate the innovations that consistently lead to high-impact results. Traditional waterfall methods of software […]

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