With Fewer People in the Workplace, IT Support Will Shift into a New Role

World crises – whether they’re inflicted by war, nature, economic turbulence or the current pandemic – often catalyze new ways of doing business. With the COVID-19 crisis, businesses’ working patterns are evolving to accommodate social-distancing requirements, with many signs pointing to an elongated shift to remote work. A recent Gartner survey reveals 82% of businesses […]

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Augmented and Virtual Reality Will Fill in the Gaps Enforced by Social Distancing

The global pandemic has limited human touch and restricted traditional in-person visits. In the workplace, this has spurred increased reliance on not just remote work but also a wide range of contactless ways of doing business. During the crisis and beyond, many global companies will turn to augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies to replace […]

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Five Considerations for Creating a Contactless Workplace

With the advent of COVID-19, organizations are adopting new measures to support their expanding remote workforce. Work from home, which hasn’t traditionally been embraced by most employers, has boosted employee productivity as high as 47% in one study. This introduces a new challenge to the workplace: providing seamless IT support to remote employees with zero […]

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