Health Insurers Need BPaaS to Weather Post-Pandemic Conditions (First of a Multipart Series)

If you believe the headlines, health insurers are enjoying surging profits that have exceeded forecasted levels, even as other healthcare sectors struggle amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these overly rosy assessments overlook short-term factors such as how rising unemployment numbers could reduce revenues from plan premiums. Even more important, these reports don’t reflect the […]

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Why Haven’t Health Plan Members Adopted Digital Tools? Hint: It’s Probably the Tools

The most popular aspect of our health plan Voice of the Member studies has been the “top digital features” list, in which respondents rank the importance of health plans’ web and mobile features. That list didn’t change much from our 2016 study to our 2018 results, with “looking up benefits/confirming coverage” ranking first and “finding […]

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