Surviving Digital Business Change Amid Any Crisis

Digital business change can be vexing to C-level executives, even in ordinary times. Amid a worldwide crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, what was once considered somewhat complex is exponentially more challenging as unforeseen issues surface. For starters, there are semantic issues. Many senior leaders dislike the word “digital” because it’s often misused (i.e., all […]

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Engineering Your Digital Strategy for Business Success (First of a Multi-Part Series)

IDC estimates that 40% of all technology spending will be applied to “digital transformation,” with enterprises spending nearly $2 trillion by the year 2022. The trouble is, few businesses understand how to maximize their investment while also keeping the business at peak performance. Additionally, companies don’t always explore all the ways that services, processes and […]

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Digital Without Purpose Will Fail

According to industry estimates, roughly 80% of digital initiatives ultimately fail. The reasons for these failures-to-launch abound: a risk-fearing culture, the paralysis of shifting regulations, the bog of legacy systems, and the list goes on. Nothing, however, will kill a digital transformation effort more assuredly than the failure to define a purpose. Simply put, without […]

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