Five Steps to Ensure Continuous Security with an Agile Approach

While there’s plenty of research on integrating security into Agile software methodologies, we’re often left only with “security sandwiches,“ where security is discussed upfront and at the far end of the development process rather than  throughout. Corporate security remains an isolated department at many organizations, one that lives outside the Agile/DevOps/Pod team practice. Developers have […]

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How Organizational Culture Can Drive Digital Success

While smart IT strategy and effective execution remain crucial components for business success, organizational culture has become one of the most distinctive differentiators in digital business today. According to recent research we conducted with HfS Research, companies that intentionally focus on culture realize greater success, both revenue-wise and in terms of building out their digital […]

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Learning by Doing: What We Mean When We Talk about Continuous Integration and Delivery

When I talk publicly about workforce transformation, I often do so in the context of “learning by doing.” What I mean is, once you’ve identified something that’s important to the customer (and, therefore, vital for business success), you drive change around it by using this discovery and just getting started – trying out new code […]

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