The world has gone mobile. With more than 7 billion people in the world, it’s estimated that by next year, about 64-percent, or 4.77 billion, will be using a mobile phone. Many expect personalized, 24/7 access to secure lines — and never having to say in any dialect, “can you hear me now?”

As mobile devices solidly become the platform of choice, how are enterprise players transforming their capabilities and offerings to grab a bigger piece of this five billion user market?

Powering up cross-platform mobility

Many are getting in the business of mobile application development. The growth of mobile apps is now surpassing the growth of Internet domain names.  In fact, According to Gartner, “mobile apps will be the dominant means of engaging with brands.”

The trend is to adopt more sophisticated ways to develop mobile applications. But today it’s not enough to create and launch apps faster. Seasoned developers need to “create cross-platform apps that will enable a business to reach more users no matter the location, income,or device type,” according to Forbes.

Forrester estimates that more than 60 percent of enterprises are already engaged in cross-platform development. IDC forecasts that the market for cross-platform development tools will reach $4.8 billion by 2017. So how will enterprises tap into this market?

Bridging the best of enterprise mobility together

One recent example involves bringing together the best of two digitally
savvy Konycompanies. Today, Cognizant and Kony announced that they will jointly develop and deliver solutions spanning enterprise mobile applications, mobile app design, and mobile back-end services to enhance business process efficiencies and security.

The joint partnership is already making an impact on customers. Rentokil‘s lead IT director stated, “Cognizant’s digital expertise, deep domain knowledge, and global scale, combined with Kony’s market-leading platform for enterprise mobility, gives access to best-of-breed capabilities. We’re confident that Kony and Cognizant will drive the highest value, best possible outcomes for Rentokil as we take our digital journey.”

“Serving today’s customers means connecting with them anytime they want and anywhere they are.  As a result, we’ve seen an explosion of emerging end points and apps to engage, capture information, and support decision-making.  This trend lies at the heart of digital transformation,” stated Sean Middleton, chief operating officer, Emerging Business Accelerator at Cognizant.

Similarly, Kony’s chairman and chief executive officer, Thomas Hogan, unanimously agreed and shared in the announcement, “We are excited to join forces with Cognizant. What makes this partnership so powerful is the unique and complementary fit of our respective assets and capabilities – Kony’s deep knowledge and intellectual property in enterprise mobility and Cognizant’s tremendous domain expertise, business process and design innovation, industry vertical depth, and impressive market reach and scale.  Most importantly, our combined strengths will bring industry-leading innovation and value to our clients, which is the ultimate barometer of success.”

So how is your enterprise planning to use mobile as the primary catalyst to transform your business?

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Irene Sandler

Irene Sandler

Irene Sandler is Vice President of Marketing at Cognizant Technology Solutions. She leads the Global Messaging and Portfolio Marketing Team, which works... Read more