How Intelligent Automation Is Solving Unforeseen COVID-19 Challenges

Disruption is nothing new to the tech world. We’re used to discovering new ways of using technology to solve problems. But even with our love for challenging the status quo, COVID-19 has disrupted the business world in ways many of us never anticipated. With most of the world unexpectedly working and studying from home (or […]

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How AI Extends the Case for Enterprise IT Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers an unprecedented opportunity to reconstruct business models and re-engineer business processes. By adding AI-powered automation to their strategic mix – across the front, middle and back office – IT organizations can simultaneously deliver superior user experiences, increased efficiency, optimized cost and improved agility. The full potential of AI and automation can […]

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It’s Time for a New Approach to Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare

In healthcare, the process of receiving payment is unlike that of any other business. For most transactions in other industries, the consumer makes a full payment when a service is performed or product is received. Such is not the case in healthcare: Imagine going to Best Buy and saying, “I’ll take the TV home now, […]

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