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November 29, 2022

The governance ‘must-haves’ to scale AI in life sciences

The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in life sciences is moving rapidly from “potential” to “innovative” to “necessary.” And as it does, the industry’s obligation to be responsible and compliant in...

November 17, 2022

Here’s where self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality

In the news Self-driving vehicles are the perennial next big thing; always just around the corner, never quite here. Recent setbacks prompted Bloomberg to run an article entitled, “Even After $100 Billion, Self-Driving Cars...

November 10, 2022

When AI plays football, sport is just part of the GOOAALL!

In the news The 2022 FIFA World Cup will soon be under way, thrilling football fans worldwide. What most of the billions of global spectators may not realize is—as with seemingly every other aspect of life—artificial...

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