Over the past several months we have shared with you some of the insights, observations and expert commentary captured during our Cognizant Executive Vision Summit which focused on the convergence of industry, technology and policy in healthcare.

As outdated fee-for-service models are replaced with value-driven alternatives; as we find new ways to digitally engage with patients and members; and as governmental policy continues to influence our processes, the demands on your business and operations can be overwhelming.

Know that we are all facing similar challenges and opportunities. Events such as the Summit and our upcoming Healthcare Conference allow you to keep a careful eye on these industry trends and advances. Use this knowledge to develop a strategy that allows you to focus on what you do best, then find the right partner to help you with the rest.

For now, let’s look back at what we’ve learned.

The Shift to Value in Healthcare
Mike Leavitt, former secretary of HHS and founder of Leavitt Partners, believes we are 25 years into a 40-year transformation in healthcare that is forcing us to develop new competencies and pioneer emerging value-driven strategies. He reminds us that change doesn’t happen in a single leap. Take the time to periodically stop, consolidate what you know, get comfortable, then move on.

Customer Experience and the Future of Innovation
George Blankenship, former executive with Tesla Motors and Apple, spoke to applying lessons learned from successful innovators to reshape healthcare and capture market share. Look to ways to simplify, focus on what’s important, develop an innovative approach, and then commit to that objective with everything you have.

Leveraging Digital and Social Media to Disrupt Healthcare
Charlene Li, principal analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company, shared that “Social media is not Marketing’s job,” as many executives seem to believe. She stressed that leaders can and should personally utilize these communication channels to connect with their communities, their associates and their industry.

Panel Discussion on Digital Health
• Rob Alger, SVP IT strategy at Kaiser Permanente believes that digital health is at a tipping point, driven by a need for centralized data that allows a greater understanding of each patient and systems that create an optimal experience for both physicians and patients.
• Mikkel Krenchel, partner at ReD Associates talked about how digital health tools need to fit into the way consumers want to work with their applications. These tools provide an opportunity to ‘warm up’ healthcare and repair the trust disconnect between consumers and the healthcare system.
• Kate McCarthy, senior analyst at Forrester shared how more ‘human-centric’ design is needed as technology challenges cause physicians to leave healthcare. Look to evolving ‘smart home’ and wristband technologies to create new digital care options for managing the elderly and chronic conditions.

Talk to Us
We invite you to share your thoughts on these and other pressing healthcare topics. Engage in the conversation and let us know what’s important to your healthcare operation.

Lawrence Bridge

Lawrence Bridge

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