There is a convergence of forces taking place today that is causing the boundaries of industry, technology and policy to blur, and a new healthcare vision to come into focus.

Once-effective approaches that targeted these key areas with separate and distinct tactics may now result in missed opportunities, as core dynamics become more and more deeply intertwined. It is time to address industry, technology and policy evolution with a strategy that considers these changing dynamics as part of an integrated whole.

At the recent Cognizant Executive Vision Summit, respected experts operating within one or more of these convergence points were invited to reveal what they are seeing and experiencing, and provide valuable insights to those healthcare executives attending this exclusive, invitation-only event.

Key trends and technologies currently impacting healthcare were explored; while thought leaders in industry, policy and technology addressed the overarching issues of leadership, strategy, interactive media and technology – all impacted by a rapidly evolving political landscape.

Presentations and panel discussions focused on:

  • Exploring the sustainable trends that are reshaping healthcare
  • Learning from other industries
  • Gaining perspective on the current regulatory environment and what may lie ahead

In future posts, we will discuss some of the specific insights and best practices shared by these experts. We will also look at how we can work together to ensure that healthcare organizations have the tools and resources needed to find a clear path forward that begins at this point of convergence.   

The healthcare market is evolving and while there are many aspects of that evolution that are still being debated, we don’t need to wait for all the questions to be answered to make progress.  When we talk about this to our clients, we suggest that the path forward includes:

  1. A focus on the industry trends that are sustainable
  2. Investment in those areas that drive a fundamentally better outcome or result
  3. Leveraging the shift to digital-based strategies to achieve a better outcome at a lower cost
  4. Being ready to Adjust to – but not being distracted by – whatever changes that eventually come out of Washington.
Lawrence Bridge

Lawrence Bridge

Larry Bridge is senior vice president of TriZetto’s Strategy, Marketing and Corporate Development organizations.  He has overall responsibility for the development, messaging... Read more