Consider this: according to Gartner, by next year 89% of companies will compete primarily on experience, and those that excel at experience will be five times more valuable than those that don’t. What do we mean when we use the word experience, and how is it different from traditional forms of marketing? You can think of it as the difference between what a company might say about its products and services, versus who a company is and how it behaves towards its customers and employees. For many companies, competing in this new space requires re-thinking every single touchpoint they have with these audiences.

Within this context, content is one of the biggest pieces of the experience puzzle. Reports estimate that brands spend 25% to 43% of their marketing budget on content. Part of this has to do with the sheer quantity of content required to fuel experiences. Current measures suggest that the amount of content required is increasing 10x each year.

Quality of content is also key. In an anonymized world of online shopping and service, experiences will rise and fall based on how good a brand’s content is—meaning not only how well it represents the company (i.e., helping the customer understand who the company is), but also how well it engages an audience with increasingly high standards that can easily move to the next thing with the flick of a finger.

Getting experience right requires seamless integration of content, data, media, and technology from strategy and design, through building, targeting, customizing, deploying, tracking, learning and optimizing — on a continuous basis. The end-state is an organization, infrastructure and ecosystem of partners that delivers “living experiences” that learn and adapt to continuously engage and delight.

Creating a Living Experience

In planning our presence at this year’s Adobe Summit, we aspired to engage attendees in a meaningful way. We decided to transform our booth into a live studio where attendees could participate in a real-time original content demonstration – starring in their own movie trailer.

So, how will this work?

As stars in their own movie trailer, attendees will experience a mini movie production. They will meet with a creative director and choose their personal narrative from a range of options. The script will be personalized based on their input. They will go through make-up and meet with the director—and then it will be time for their close-up!

Raw footage will then be edited by an onsite post-production crew—and a film trailer will be made and delivered to them. Participants will have a chance to post their trailers to social media, and to have it aired on our big screen throughout the event. Our #MeTheMovie experience is designed to work on several levels.

  1. It drives home the link between experience, corporate identity and content. #MeTheMovie challenges attendees to think about their personal narrative in a fun way.  We hope to start the dialogue around what makes really great content. Why do some images and ideas have stopping power? Why do we connect with some topics and not others?
  2. An “always on, assembly-line” of content creation demo makes real the challenge our clients have in creating unique, high-quality content for channels like social open 24×7, 365 days.
  3. It simulates our clients’ challenge to create experiences that drive engagement with their customers. Our booth is intended to create a real and tangible way for attendees to understand the ways and means of creating more personalized content that resonates with their target audience and influences brand perception.
  4. Finally, we want to spotlight the importance of social media to brand marketers today. Despite the fact that 73% of consumers report that they have been impacted by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchase decision, and that 90% of B2C businesses report social media is the most popular content marketing tactic, we see that companies are still struggling to create compelling social content and to incorporate video at scale.

The shift to competing on experience is one of the greatest impacts of the digital era, affecting all industry verticals and forever changing how we grab a ride, listen to music, book a vacation stay and so on. I like to think of it as The Experience Revolution.

To star in your own #MeTheMovie, visit us at booth #543 @ the Adobe Summit, March 26-28 in Las Vegas.

Donna Tuths

Donna Tuths

Donna Tuths is SVP, Global Head for Cognizant Interactive. Based in New York City, Donna is a recognized thought leader on the... Read more