“IoT is much more than a technology. IoT is not a technology market, but a go-to-market concept that incorporates the deployment of core emerging technologies already being deployed. Big Data, Analytics, Mobility, and Cloud are all enablers of IoT and this allows – even requires – it to become a unifying theme.” –HfS Research

It’s another race to the top. Technology consulting firms are putting “skin in the game” to prove to the market who the best is at implementing the Internet of Things.

This is a tall order for most consultants: the supposed “trillion dollar” market is still shaking out. We need more technical standards. Privacy issues aren’t settled. Clients demand proof of ROI. Yet somehow, some way, the Internet of Things is finally taking shape at companies across industries.

Cognizant was recently lauded as a leader in providing Internet of Things services, in a new published report by Horses for Sources (HfS) Research. We were recognized for our:  “integrated IoT services reflecting the fabric of our corporate thought leadership based on its Code Halos™ concept (the information that surrounds people, organizations and devices that is today’s digital fuel); IoT vision; expertise; execution; and client-focus.”


The State of the IoT Market

“The Internet of Things is driving unprecedented digital transformations in the business and operating models of the enterprise, and many service providers are struggling to keep up with these changes,” said Charles Sutherland, Chief Research Officer at HfS Research.

HfS was the first to research and publish this timely research of the emerging value chain of services and the leading providers. Unlike other evaluative quadrants, matrices, or waves, the HfS Blueprint “identified relevant differentiators between service providers across a number of facets under the categories of innovation and execution.”

In surveying the service providers and their clients, HfS observed several emerging trends bubbling up as more companies digitally transform their businesses and adopt IoT solutions:

  • Proofs of Concepts lead the market
  • There is nothing close to a consensus on IoT services
  • Systems Thinking may be the next big skill
  • IoT opportunities requiring competitors to collaborate
  • Learning to partner is becoming a key skill
  • Risk has become a third dimension of go/no-go alongside value and cost
  • Strategic nature of IoT today limiting leverage across clients

For its research, HfS evaluated 18 major providers, collected more than 1,000 qualifying statistics, and interviewed 50 companies. Service providers demonstrating excellence in execution and innovation were placed in the “Winner’s Circle.”


HfS stated that “while most service providers received good marks for working alongside their clients, Cognizant was highlighted as true partners in working alongside customers as they solved a particular need.  Cognizant, among a finite few, also demonstrated a strong willingness to co-invest with clients to develop new solutions.”

Download your copy to find out more about the state of the industry: HfS Internet of Things Service Providers “Winners Circle”.

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Adithya Sastry

Adithya Sastry

Adithya Sastry is an Associate Vice-President within Cognizant’s Emerging Business Accelerator Unit, and is General Manager for the Internet of Things business,... Read more

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