Here’s What Application Modernization Really Means – And Why It’s Essential Post-COVID

As pandemic lockdowns ease, companies are racing to modernize applications ahead of new waves of COVID-19 infections that could send developers home to work again. When application modernization is combined with the cloud, developers can work in “virtual teams” – at home or the office – to rapidly deliver quality software that meets evolving customer […]

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Agile in the Age of COVID-19

When I started with this thing called “Agile,” it didn’t exist. At a time when it was barely gaining popularity, I was asked to learn more about this “method” so I could come back and teach my internal team the basics of being Agile. I took a class, and the rest is history – a […]

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Black People Need Allies, Too

As a diversity and inclusion (D&I) leader at Cognizant, I’m always planning for the next big D&I event. June, for instance, is filled with many Pride celebrations, virtual and otherwise. But instead of seeing coverage of upcoming LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations, I’m watching news coverage and having conversations with friends and family members about the senseless deaths of […]

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