What the World Needs Now – and Even More During the Pandemic: Chunkers

Over the past two years, when I’ve asked business, digital and IT executives what critical skill or talent they most sorely lack, I’ve gotten an unexpected response: It’s what several called “chunkers.” Not only has the pandemic increased the need for chunkers; it also requires a different set of perspectives and skills from these individuals, […]

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Differentiate Your Brand with Empathy: What Insurance Marketers Need to Know

As insurers navigate the COVID-19 landscape, they’re taking aim at a kinder, gentler customer experience. The result is a new focus on empathy – and online channels are shaping up as the key platform for delivering it. It may sound counter-intuitive to convey empathy through digital channels, especially in insurance: an industry known for complex […]

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National Brands Are Driving Healthcare into New Settings for Care Delivery

Search “healthcare changed forever by COVID-19” online. Millions of results pop up, from a “forever changed” supply chain to a “forever changed” industry landscape due to mergers and acquisitions to “forever changed” care delivery via telehealth. Instead of giving COVID-19 premature credit for all these changes, though, we’d rather call it a catalyst that could […]

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Banking’s Latest Challenge: Managing Job Performance in the Remote Workplace (Part 3 of a Multipart Series)

Now comes the hard part. After getting remote access right and investing in the work from anywhere (WFA) model, the next thing for banks is tackling how to manage and measure productivity in the new workplace. Job performance data is surprisingly easy to collect – but at times difficult to accept. Nevertheless, building a positive, […]

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Is Small-Business Lending Slipping Away from Large Banks?

COVID-19 changed the stakes in small-business lending: While the top four banks provided 36% of small-business loans before the pandemic,  they disbursed a scant 3% in the first round of the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). As large banks fumbled their PPP response, fintechs and smaller lenders stepped in to fill the gap. Online […]

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