Think a car is just a car? Think again.

IoT is transforming automobiles from discrete, stand-alone physical transportation devices to sensor-rich, network-connected, distributed data sources. How we collect, share, and act on that data will revolutionize the driver experience, improve auto quality, make production processes more efficient, and lower costs.

And while tomorrow’s factories will build more driver-centric, better, and safer products, trans-modal networks will automate shipping yards and freight yards, monitor weather and transportation routes, improve employee productivity, and accelerate delivery times. Dealerships will provide better service—listening to customers through social media and monitoring vehicle usage metrics and notifications—correlating data to each unique VIN.

So how is the industry driving real benefits with the future of connected car and telematics? Can the industry use telematics in internal design and improve product quality? How are automotive leaders using telematics data to improve the customer experience? Is there an opportunity for the automotive ecosystem to work better together and create new revenue streams with the collective telematics data sources?

Capturing Value from Data

We understand many in the automotive industry are pouring billions of dollars into telematics programs. Unfortunately many are feeling as if telematics is becoming a one way street in delivering little to no return.

That’s why Cognizant and Microsoft have partnered together to help companies identify renewed telematics strategies that are focused on using data to: drive more monetized value, improve product quality, and enhance the overall customer experience?

Are you using telematics data to deliver specific outcomes? If not, let’s chat and we can exchange a few ideas that are in action.

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Prasad Satyavolu

Prasad Satyavolu

Prasad Satyavolu is the Chief Digital Officer and Consulting Leader of Cognizant’s Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy and Utilities business unit. He is responsible... Read more

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