William Welser

William Welser is a partner at ReD Associates, a Cognizant partner. He is a passionate technologist driven to creatively assess and solve complex global problems using a blend of expertise, technology, systems analysis and evidence. As a partner at ReD Associates, he is continuing to pursue his personal research portfolio focused on the challenges related to technology design, adoption, and complexity — including his recent efforts in the areas of privacy, artificial intelligence, industrial ecosystems, commercial drones and cryptography. 

Welser’s publications have informed policy decision-makers, corporate leaders and the public on topics such as bias in artificial intelligence; future of work; privacy and cryptography; future of high performance computing; space debris mitigation and remediation; design of commercially-focused aerial drones; vulnerabilities and capabilities of space, air and cyber systems; maintenance and sustainment of stealth aircraft; and performance of supply chain and industrial base systems. His design of a cryptographic solution for avoiding collisions in space was developed into working prototypes via a dedicated DARPA initiative. Welser is an active author and speaker and has published via media outlets Wired UK, Foreign Affairs, Scientific American, Time and Businessweek, as well as various newspapers, podcasts and websites.