William Shea

William “Bill” Shea is a Vice-President within Cognizant Business Consulting’s Healthcare Practice. He has over 20 years of experience in management consulting, practice development and project management in the health industry across the payer, purchaser and provider markets. Bill has significant experience in health plan strategy and operations in the areas of digital transformation, integrated health management and product development. Bill can be reached at William.Shea@cognizant.com.

Why Haven’t Health Plan Members Adopted Digital Tools? Hint: It’s Probably the Tools

The most popular aspect of our health plan Voice of the Member studies has been the “top digital features” list, in which respondents rank the importance of health plans’ web and mobile features. That list didn’t change much from our 2016 study to our 2018 results, with “looking up benefits/confirming coverage” ranking first and “finding […]

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Amazon Primes Pharmacy Disruption with PillPack Acquisition

Amazon’s march toward what we’ve called “Prime Health” continues with the company’s announcement that it will acquire PillPack, the online full-service pharmacy that sorts its customers’ medications by dose; packages them by date, day and time; and mails them to the consumer’s home. With this acquisition, Amazon gains another tool for making healthcare easier, faster, […]

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Amazon Partners Up to Disrupt Healthcare

While health insurance industry stock prices have recovered following the announcement that Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway plan to deliver quality healthcare at lower costs, industry thinking should still be shaken up by the potential potency of this venture to disrupt healthcare. As we’ve previously noted, we think that a “healthcare on-demand” consumer-to-business (C2B) […]

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And the Amazon of the Healthcare Industry Is … Amazon?

Healthcare executives often ask us: “Who will be the Amazon of healthcare?”  Our answer: “Why not Amazon?” Recent news reports have suggested that Amazon is developing a healthcare platform that would integrate data from legacy electronic medical records and offer services such as virtual consultation on demand.  The company’s Echo virtual assistant could be part […]

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