Vidya Viswanathan

Vidya Viswanathan is a healthcare innovator and the Venture Lead for Cognizant’s internal incubator program. She is passionate about applying human-centric solutions to business problems. She brings together strong ethnographic skills, sense-making abilities, technical acumen and design thinking to product development.

In her consulting role, Vidya has helped healthcare organizations reimagine care delivery models by adopting technological innovations to improve patient and provider experiences. Vidya has a computer science engineering degree coupled with an MBA background in education. She can be reached at |

A Healthcare Solution for the Chronically Ill: Start with the Patient, Not the Technology

Many healthcare solution designers have ambitious goals for reshaping patient care with AI, genomics, neural networks, precision medicine and more. We hope to make advance diagnoses and prevent acute episodes before even the slightest symptoms appear. But in our eagerness to build healthcare solutions based on these technologies, we ignore the scientific evidence that more […]

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