Venkatesh Srinivasan

Venkatesh Srinivasan is a BFSI Innovation Leader at Cognizant, responsible for Innovation and Ventures/Solutions. He has two decades of experience in consulting, incubating products/ventures and digital transformation.

As Digital Partner for Insurance Europe, Venkatesh helped create insurance-specific themes as part of the Amsterdam Collaboratory and has anchored innovation and design thinking sessions with senior business and IT executives. Venkatesh can be reached at



Differentiate Your Brand with Empathy: What Insurance Marketers Need to Know

As insurers navigate the COVID-19 landscape, they’re taking aim at a kinder, gentler customer experience. The result is a new focus on empathy – and online channels are shaping up as the key platform for delivering it. It may sound counter-intuitive to convey empathy through digital channels, especially in insurance: an industry known for complex […]

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