Ursula Morgenstern

Ursula Morgenstern is President, Global Growth Markets, which covers all of Cognizant’s markets outside of North America. She plays an integral part in helping to further globalize Cognizant’s business across several dimensions: growing and diversifying the company’s revenue mix across targeted geographies, investing in local leadership and talent, and extending the delivery footprint to access the best talent and meet client demand.

Prior to joining Cognizant, Ursula spent 16 years with Atos, a multinational information technology services and consulting company, most recently as CEO of Atos Germany and Head of Atos Central Europe. Before Atos, Ursula was a partner with KPMG. Her other previous roles include General Manager of K&V Information Systems and Project Manager for Kiefer & Veittinger.

Ursula holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Mannheim and an MBA from York University (Toronto). She can be reached at Ursula.Morgenstern@cognizant.com


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