Tiran Dagan

Tiran Dagan is Cognizant’s Chief Digital Officer for the Communications, Media, Publishing and Marketing segments. Before joining Cognizant in 2018, he worked for Ernst & Young and IBM. In the last 20-plus years in media and marketing services, Tiran has developed a passion for the human-centric approach to technology innovation.  His corporate strategy role at NBCUniversal exposed him to the interdependency of business strategy growth goals, operations, technology and, most importantly, the people on whom the business relies to execute or adopt innovation. Tiran can be reached at tiran.dagan@cognizant.com.

Six Ways Media Companies Can Personalize Direct-to-Consumer Services

Like their pure-play brethren, diversified media companies have worked hard to differentiate and shape content across their properties. Yet as they step into direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming services, companies like NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, Disney and Viacom face a new challenge: how best to personalize the one-stop viewing experience that’s at the heart of DTC. Delivering personalization means walking […]

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What’s Behind a Successful Customer Experience

“We’re proud to hang up on our customers.” This bold statement was how a Canadian telecom exec opened his talk at a  customer experience (CX) conference I recently attended. It was an obvious attention-grabber, but the story that followed was relatable to every CX leader in the room. The telecom had a growing customer attrition […]

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