Sridhar Bhaskarla

Sridhar Bhaskarla is a Director at Cognizant and Head of the Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE), based out of Bangalore, India. His portfolio at Cognizant includes strategizing and evangelizing new offerings by incubating the latest cloud technologies. Prior to Cognizant, Sridhar was a longstanding entrepreneur, founding and running his own venture in IoT technologies. He holds a master's degree in science. Sridhar can be reached at or

Demystifying the Role of Governance in AWS Cloud Operations

As more and more businesses tap into the infinite capacity offered by the cloud, two concerns increasingly require their attention: operations and governance.  This is particularly true with powerful cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, whose agility, speed, elasticity and innovation are made available on easy-to-use models, thus offering tremendous capability, along with […]

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