Sowri Krishnan

Sowri is Senior Vice-President at Cognizant Digital Business, heading the company’s Digital Engineering Practice. He has 20-plus years of experience building and directing global business and technology operations. In this role, Sowri works with Global 1000 companies to digitally transform their business by combining strategy, technology and industry expertise that enable businesses to improve their services and products, create an omni-channel digital experience, and gain a competitive market advantage across the digital stack: mobile, social, big data, cloud and the Internet of Things. He can be reached at or

Why and How to Take MVP Speed to the Next Level

Start-ups are famous for (and sometimes ridiculed for) launching minimum viable products (MVPs) – a pared down version of an application that’s just good enough for users to try it and provide enough feedback to improve it. Some teams think they’re doing great if they produce an MVP in two to three months. That’s far […]

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How Digital Collaboration Lets Humans Be Human

Many of us have grown up on a healthy diet of R2-D2, Skynet, Autobots, JARVIS and the Matrix. What was a mere notion – artificial intelligence, bots and algorithms coexisting with and influencing our lives – has now become integral to what we do, both personally and professionally. AI is disrupting the very core of […]

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Digital FOMO: Time for a Refresh on Semantics

Digital has affected everything around us—the way we eat, the way we shop, and the way we talk. Each generation—baby boomers, Generation X, and millennials—has found new ways to express understanding and to modernize meanings. said that in 2015, “we added more than 150 new words and definitions, and revised over 1,000 entries.” When is the […]

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