Sonya McLaughlin

Sonya McLaughlin is Head of Diversity & Inclusion/Management Recruitment and the Leader of Corporate Management Recruitment for Cognizant. The Diversity & Inclusion/Management Recruitment initiative expands opportunities for diversity candidates to become of aware of and apply for entry-, mid- and senior-level positions.

Sonya has spent over 20 years as a talent management professional, with a focus on diversity hiring and leading teams. She earned both her bachelor’s degree in management and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.  She can be reached at or

The Leadership We Need Today – And Tomorrow

In our divided and socially-distanced COVID age, leadership has never been more important. But effective leadership for these times is as difficult to find as it is to define. Is it an iron-fisted presence that commands respect? Deft negotiating to topple opposition? An irresistible influence to sway crowds? In our experience, the best leaders are […]

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How Small Changes in the Hiring Process Can Lead to Big Diversity Benefits

As head of diversity and inclusion for management recruitment in the U.S., I’m always on the lookout for new avenues for finding talent.  Like many companies, we’re taking steps to open up our hiring process so that we reach out to more nontraditional and under-represented candidates. Last summer, I had the privilege of attending the […]

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