Sheila Narayanan

Sheila Narayanan is Head of Employee Volunteering and Community Development for The Americas and Cognizant U.S. Foundation, focusing her efforts on inclusion in tech, and using technology for social impact.

She graduated with a class of 40 boys and three girls in mechanical engineering and started her career designing jet engines at Rolls Royce and GE. Sheila was an early evangelist for the role of data in decision-making and spent over 15 years leading data-driven transformation.  She was the founding Head of Product for the Information Business at MasterCard, leading the monetization of the company's transaction and location data.

Realizing that the numbers of women in engineering were still appallingly low, Sheila pivoted to become an advocate for STEM education for underserved groups. She was Chief Digital Experience Executive at Girl Scouts of the USA, leading the digital transformation of the Girl Scout program. Sheila can be reached at