Shaun Dawson

Shaun Dawson runs Cognizant's Global Center of Excellence for Intelligent Process Automation, which includes RPA. He has over 20 years of experience in the development and leadership of technology teams. Prior to joining Cognizant, Shaun was a co-founder of Virtual Operations, a leader in RPA development, deployment and management services. He holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from the University of Texas, and is an accomplished entrepreneur. Shaun can be reached at and

Engineering for Reusability and Resilience

I wish everyone reading this could be lucky enough to meet Tim Klein someday.  Tim is an incredible writer, an excellent artist (he built an awesome art car) and one of the best software engineers I’ve ever met. I’ve known Tim for 20 years now and am immeasurably better for it, in a thousand ways, […]

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When RPA Pilots Go Bad

Initial RPA engagements are like dating.  Everyone is on their best behavior, and very eager for a successful outcome.  Expectations are high, experience is low.  Are there topics of conversation that are particularly sensitive?  Although we both speak the same language, we may not share a common vocabulary about important matters. Worse, we may use […]

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