Shane Saunderson

Shane Saunderson is the Vice-President of IC/things at Idea Couture, a Cognizant company. A veteran of the startup space, Shane also has a strong background in product design, mobile robotics, connected devices and automation. He combines his vast technical knowledge with a foundation in design, user experience and strategy to help identify and solve some of the largest challenges for clients in the technology, health and business services spaces, including Samsung, FedEx, Abbvie, Ford, Whirlpool, Johnson & Johnson, American Express, and Humana.

Half Man, Half Machine, All Centaur

A robot is going to steal your job. AI is only a handful of years away from being smarter than you. The bot uprising is coming to enslave or kill us all. Deep learning is creating code that we can’t understand. The great digital divide is coming. Maybe. Or maybe there’s another path forward. Our […]

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