Scott Schlesinger

Scott H. Schlesinger is Chief Analytics Officer at Cognizant Digital Business. He is a recognized thought leader with more than two decades of experience and demonstrated success assisting large, global entities in driving organizational change through the leveraging of Information. Scott is responsible for the growth, go-to-market strategy and overall operations for the business analytics and information management practice globally. He has a bachelor’s of science from Arizona State University and an MBA from University of Phoenix. Scott can be reached at and

Accelerating Insights in the Digital Age: From Strategy to Execution

It’s no secret that in today’s dynamic digital age, data-driven enterprises that effectively apply advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics technology can increase profitability, improve customer interactions, identify inefficiencies, and spur the development, manufacturing and distribution of high-value, in-demand products and services.  However, translating these notions into reality is rife with complexity and challenges. […]

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Five Game-Changing Applications for Analytics Tools

Over the past few years, organizations have come to embrace data as a strategic asset. In so doing, advanced analytics has emerged as a critical tool across nearly every industry sector and within almost every department in the enterprise.  Outcome-based analytics can turn poor business decisions, made using haphazard guesswork, into successful ones that optimize […]

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A Strategic Approach to Protecting Customer Data

In this age of continuous connectivity, individuals are producing more personal data than ever before (click streams, chat logs, social media interactions, geolocation information, etc.), creating volumes of data that can be sold to businesses eager for us to buy their goods, visit their venues, eat in their restaurants and use their services. Any company seeking […]

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