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Picture of Digitally Cognizant author Sanjiv Gossain

Sanjiv Gossain

Senior Vice President and Global Leader, Google Cloud Business Group, Cognizant

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Sanjiv Gossain is Senior Vice President and Global Leader of the Google Cloud Business Group at Cognizant. At Cognizant, he has led digital business across Europe at a CAGR of over 20%, leading the rapid growth of Cognizant UKI from $75 million to over $550 million in six years. He has also served as the global markets leader for the telecoms and media industry at Cognizant.

Sanjiv was previously Regional Chief Executive of UKI & Netherlands at CSC, where he led the company’s $2 billion business. In his 25+ years in the IT industry, Sanjiv has been both an entrepreneur (as a co-founder of NerveWire, an IT services firm in Boston USA) and a successful leader at a large systems integration firm, Cambridge Technology Partners (now Novell), where he was the Worldwide CTO.

A computer systems engineer by background, Sanjiv holds a BSc, MSc and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Essex in England. He is the author of a book on object-oriented design and an accomplished speaker at conferences and industry events.

Sanjiv can be reached at and