Robert Jimenez

Robert Jimenez is the Digital Leader in the Customer Experience domain for Cognizant. He has been leading the effort to help companies take advantage of digital-first operating models, where agility, speed and modularity are the keys to successfully managing digital disruption. Robert's expertise is in building collaborative digital platforms where customers and brands are connected not by product but by the emotional design and experiences of the customer journey. Prior to Cognizant, Robert served as an executive officer for several global customer experience management and consulting companies.

Humanizing the Customer Experience With a Cloud-based Contact Center

The cloud-based contact center is quickly catching on with organizations across industries for one important reason: Its ability to scale capacity up or down depending on changing business requirements and/or seasonal spikes.  Forrester reports that 25% of large contact centers are now hosted in hybrid cloud environments, and 30% expect to soon move to subscription-type […]

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