Robert H. Brown

Robert Hoyle Brown is an Associate Vice-President in Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work and drives strategy and market outreach for Cognizant’s Business Process Services business unit. He is also a regular contributor to the CFoW blog. Prior to joining Cognizant, he was Managing Vice-President of the Business and Applications Services team at Gartner, and as a research analyst, he was a recognized subject matter expert in BPO, cloud services/BPaaS and HR services. Robert also held roles at Hewlett-Packard and G2 Research, a boutique outsourcing research firm in Silicon Valley. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and, prior to his graduation, attended the London School of Economics as a Hansard Scholar.

Robert can be reached at Robert.H.Brown@cognizant.com and

The Way(s) to the Future of Work

In 2010, Martin Sheen starred in The Way, an underrated but beautiful film. His character is a curmudgeonly, set-in-his-ways, late-middle-age, Type A workaholic from Los Angeles. A series of events lands him on El Camino de Santiago (translated into English as “The Way”), where circumstances compel him to interact — in life-affirming ways — with […]

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Digital Memories More Powerful than a Hurricane

Whether it’s wildfires in California, a hurricane in Puerto Rico or flooding in North Carolina, Florida and Texas, natural disasters are becoming all too common. And beyond the physical and mortal damage –which is substantial – the lingering trauma of mental stress that follows in the wake of these events is a hidden tragedy no less […]

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Rocky Mountain AI

“He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again, You might say he found a key for every door.” – “Rocky Mountain High,” John Denver. – There’s something about John Denver. Wearing a puffy down vest, bespectacled, performing a wholesome, “nerd chic” brand of Meadow Rock.  Ever-so-slightly-edgy lyrics, like, “Friends around the campfire/and […]

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Every Move You Make: Privacy in the Age of the Algorithm

Traffic congestion marked by thick red lines on a Google Map.  A browser that remembers your credit card code. Tracking down a long-lost friend via social media. The benefits of sharing our personal information – personal recommendations, customized experiences, lightning-fast convenience – are everywhere.  But when news headlines break on terrorists hunted down by drones […]

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Hello, Robot Tax? Meet Habeas Corpus

Bill Gates recently sparked controversy in the Twittersphere for suggesting a robot tax.  His argument: that the government stands to lose an influx of funds from workers’ income taxes because intelligent machines will replace human workers. Now, I pay my taxes willingly, just like most everyone else.  I’m no spokesman for the Howard Jarvis society.  […]

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