Robert Brown

Rob is a global head of Cognizant Center of the Future of Work market strategy and outreach for business process services. He focuses on Cognizant's thought leadership, brand development, and solutions orchestration with senior executives. Rob is a graduate from the University of California, Berkeley.

Aspen Action Forum Finale: The Green Shoots Emerge

Trees are sanctuaries. … A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought. … A tree says: My strength is trust.   — “Trees,” Hermann Hesse. — Aspens are an unusual tree species.  Growing seasons are short but vibrant. No tough bark for this species; scratching a white trunk reveals a […]

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Rocky Mountain AI

“He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again, You might say he found a key for every door.” – “Rocky Mountain High,” John Denver. – There’s something about John Denver. Wearing a puffy down vest, bespectacled, performing a wholesome, “nerd chic” brand of Meadow Rock.  Ever-so-slightly-edgy lyrics, like, “Friends around the campfire/and […]

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Every Move You Make: Privacy in the Age of the Algorithm

Traffic congestion marked by thick red lines on a Google Map.  A browser that remembers your credit card code. Tracking down a long-lost friend via social media. The benefits of sharing our personal information – personal recommendations, customized experiences, lightning-fast convenience – are everywhere.  But when news headlines break on terrorists hunted down by drones […]

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Hello, Robot Tax? Meet Habeas Corpus

Bill Gates recently sparked controversy in the Twittersphere for suggesting a robot tax.  His argument: that the government stands to lose an influx of funds from workers’ income taxes because intelligent machines will replace human workers. Now, I pay my taxes willingly, just like most everyone else.  I’m no spokesman for the Howard Jarvis society.  […]

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Why Automation Will Live Up to Its Hype

Cost optimization. Scale. Greater efficiency in operations. These are pretty typical outcomes that executives should expect with new digital investments. Right?  But so many technologies bandy these benefits about that it is becoming increasingly difficult for leaders to decipher which technology actually drives more results. One emerging technology that has grown at an accelerated rate over the […]

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Intelligent Automation Is Making People and Businesses Smarter

It’s coming into focus that automation and digitization are disrupting business as usual, stoking fears of the massive unemployment (see McKinsey’s take, Oxford’s analysis, and MIT’s view). But while intelligent automation can mean fewer humans required, it also drives productivity to breakthrough levels by empowering people to do more in less time and with greater accuracy, freeing costs […]

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