Rich McGhee

Rich McGhee is Global Technology Lead, responsible for innovation, products and technology strategy within the Digital Engineering Practice at Cognizant.

Rich has spent 35 years in financial services, holding positions of CIO/CTO and various application development management roles. He believes in creating an engineering culture for all software development, regardless of industry or customer base.

Rich's continuing-learning focus has been on emerging technologies like video, AI and consumer wearables, and his past accomplishments include digital transformation awards and the creation of a computer system for people with severe disabilities.

Rich has a bachelor's of science in systems engineering from the University of Virginia. He can be reached at and

It’s High Time for Low Code

I recently spent a few days speaking with vendors and studying their success stories, many of which centered on deployment of low-code development platforms. It’s becoming clear that low code could  be a game changer in the future of software development, possibly even accounting for more than 65% of software creation activity by 2024, according […]

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With the Sudden Shift to WFH, Attracting Talent Will Never Be the Same

A massive work-from-home (WFH) experiment is underway, ignited by the COVID-19 pandemic. By most measures, the experiment is succeeding. An estimated 56% of jobs can be done from home, and currently are. Managers are learning to trust that “out of sight” doesn’t mean decreased productivity or lack of focus. While occasionally straining to meet peak […]

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