Raja Renganathan

Raja Renganathan is a Vice-President at Cognizant and heads the company's Cloud Services Business based out of North America. A strategic leader, visible proponent and catalyst for change, Raja helps companies navigate the shift to lead with digital, with innovative cloud transformation services and solutions. During his tenure at Cognizant, he has held several leadership roles to promote infrastructure services. Before joining Cognizant, Raja was a serial entrepreneur and cofounded several managed infrastructure services and BPO companies in Silicon Valley. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a distinguished alumnus from National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India.  Raja can be reached at raja.renganathan@cognizant.com, LinkedIn and Twitter

Accelerated Cloud Migration Is Essential to Surviving the COVID-19 Crisis – and Beyond

The world as we know it has changed irrevocably, caught in the grip of COVID-19. As businesses cope with the operational challenges of the crisis, many have accelerated their adoption of digital tools and techniques, particularly the cloud, to stay engaged with both employees and customers. This move to turn chaos into a catalyst is […]

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Keeping the Lights on During the Pandemic

For years, proponents have urged businesses to better enable employees to work from home, citing benefits like increased productivity, less commute time, better work-life balance and enhanced preparedness for business continuity should a localized disaster strike, such as a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc. Overnight, the COVID-19 global pandemic made the final argument for work-from-home, […]

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Service Mesh: Solving the Microservices Manageability Challenge

As businesses strive to rapidly build and release new applications and functionalities to market, microservices are becoming a key part of the enterprise application roadmap. Containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes have made microservices architectures easier to use and thus more popular and widely accepted. Adopting a microservices architecture offers many business benefits, including […]

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Cloud-as-Code: A Key Ingredient for Achieving Cloud Nirvana

While consumers increasingly expect IT systems that deliver anytime, anywhere, enriched experiences, as well as competitive pricing, businesses of all types are hurrying to meet these demands, digitally. But to be truly digital, they must achieve IT capacity at scale, agility with speed, and innovation at a reduced cost. Getting there means that underlying applications […]

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Kubernetes: A Rising Platform for Delivering Digital at Scale

I read a very interesting tweet yesterday on Kubernetes’ Twitter channel. “We didn’t change our organization because we wanted to use #Kubernetes, we used Kubernetes because we wanted to change our organization.” The tweet showcases the tremendous value proposition that Kubernetes, the open source container orchestration system, can bring to an enterprise in terms of […]

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How Platforms Can Automate Business Workflows and Deliver New Value

At the same time that technology has improved our lives, it has also increased our expectations proportionately. In healthcare, for instance, patients who have historically been responsible for their medical reports and prescriptions now expect hospitals to have all their data available at the click of a button. Customers across industries today expect the businesses with […]

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Modernizing IT Service Management in an AI-First World

Anyone who’s worked in IT service management is well aware of the disappointment that often follows the inflated promises of process automation. The only way ITSM professionals will ever be able to focus on the growing demand for more strategic digital initiatives is to fully automate IT and business processes, not to mention meeting the […]

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Navigating the Shift through Digital Service Management

Service management is going digital CXOs at leading companies are embracing  digital technologies to tap into new opportunities. But as these enterprises embark on their transformation journey, a vital part of the enterprise ecosystem that touches employees tends to get left out, and that is Service Management–a customer-centric approach for delivering IT services. Leading companies are beginning to […]

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