Raghuraman Chandrasekharan

Raghu is the Head of Cloud Strategy and Architecture in Cognizant’s Global AWS Practice. He advises enterprises on application and data modernization strategies using AWS Cloud Services. Raghu also led the delivery organization of Cognizant's Public Cloud and DevOps practices. Prior to joining Cognizant, he led large engineering teams for leading software products in the healthcare, airline and semiconductor industries.

Raghu holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Tennessee Technological University, an MBA from Southern Methodist University and a certificate in executive leadership from Cornell University.

Raghu can be reached at raghuraman.chandrasekharan@cognizant.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/raghu-chandra-bb1a861/.

Taking the Pain Out of Application Modernization

Modernizing the application portfolio is a critical step in any cloud migration, because building agility, reliability and scalability into enterprise software will position organizations to respond more effectively to continuous change. In a recent IDG/Cognizant study, about half of responding companies (51%) said they’re in the midst of modernizing their applications as part of their […]

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Taking Data Centricity from Lofty Concept to Notable Achievement

From the time data was first proclaimed as “the new oil,” most enterprises have come to consider data as a strategic asset and the means for deriving meaningful insights. Unlike oil, however, the path to profits from data is not always clear. Establishing data centricity within an enterprise provides many opportunities to overcome organizational inertia […]

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Think Big, Execute Small: Lean Thinking for Cloud Modernization

Enterprise migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is only a first step in the cloud modernization journey. Migrating applications to AWS with minimal or no changes is often considered a high-velocity approach to achieving a higher net present value (NPV) and to reducing production issues and customer downtime. AWS migration programs are followed by a […]

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