Prashanth Bhushan

Prashanth Bhushan is a Senior Director at Cognizant Digital Business and has global responsibility for building and delivering solutions for communications services & technology providers. With more than 20 years' experience in the industry, he has a deep understanding of the digital solutions driving convergence and its applicability to industries such as energy & utilities. 

Prashanth is familiar with engineering, product strategy and management, analytics, and sensor-to-cloud implementations, along with business development and technical marketing. He can be reached at or LinkedIn.

How Telecoms Can Stay Relevant With 5G Innovation

The pandemic has altered both consumer and business behavior, and telecommunications companies are at the center of this evolution. Telecoms have become the essential backbone for interoperable global networks that allow people and companies to stay connected. But with global adoption of 5G fast becoming a reality, telecoms face new challenges. How does consumer connectivity accelerate […]

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The Network of Everything, Plus ‘Us’

Internet connectivity is now ubiquitous, creating what many call a “network of everything.” Digital capabilities are designed into virtually every new product, from land mobile radios used by law enforcement to connected medical wearables to jet engines that collect their own data, diagnose issues, perform updates and predict maintenance to maximize equipment availability and optimize […]

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