Prashant Achanta

Prashant is the Research Partner for Cognizant's Global Technology Office in the India/APAC region, leading the research relationships and project execution across these geographies. In his former role at Cognizant, he led the Automation Hub delivery organization, with responsibility for competency development and enterprise automation strategy. 

Currently based out of Hyderabad, India, Prashant is in his 19th year with Cognizant. He can be reached at

Let Chaos Rule: Intervening During Design to Boost Resilience of Distributed Applications

Businesses have long thrived on applications that are flexible, cost-effective, scalable and resilient. The measure of a system’s resilience is its ability to withstand the impact of planned or unplanned disruptions, and recover quickly from a failure. With increased application complexity and an abrupt rise in the number and type of network attacks, however, businesses […]

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