Prasad Satyavolu

Prasad Satyavolu is the Chief Digital Officer and Consulting Leader of Cognizant’s Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy and Utilities business unit. He is responsible for incubating new solutions, offerings and commercialization for digital business and advisory services in these industries.

Prasad has written extensively on the future of mobility and energy, connected infrastructure and manufacturing, monetization and consumer experience. In his nearly three decades of work in the industry, he has held leadership roles and managed complex business environments. Prasad has successfully incubated and scaled several business lines, and continues to advise clients on large-scale transformation programs. He can be reached at |


The Post-Pandemic Future of Contactless Interactions

By the time a COVID-19 vaccine is approved and distributed, we could have a year or more of social distancing protocol baked into our everyday interactions. It isn’t far-fetched to believe that various cultures will adopt their own form of namaste that lives beyond the pandemic that engendered it. In fact, social distancing may become […]

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Has IIoT Become a ‘Four-Letter Word’? Unlocking IIoT Value (Part 2 of a multi-part series)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), as well as conventional IoT deployments, often remain in “pilot purgatory” because they fail to deliver significant business outcomes. Part 1 of this series revealed that to succeed, manufacturers should utilize IoT to reshape key operating  processes and experiences into end-to-end journeys that unlock trapped business value. As history […]

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Has IIoT Become a ‘Four-Letter Word’? (Part 1 of a Multi-part Series)

Not since the dot-com boom of the early 2000s has there been a topic as ubiquitous in business circles as digital transformation. That’s likely because so few companies have truly found their groove in reimagining and rearchitecting their capabilities for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It remains a battle even for those organizations that have been […]

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Automotive Innovation? Think Telematics

  Think a car is just a car? Think again. IoT is transforming automobiles from discrete, stand-alone physical transportation devices to sensor-rich, network-connected, distributed data sources. How we collect, share, and act on that data will revolutionize the driver experience, improve auto quality, make production processes more efficient, and lower costs. And while tomorrow’s factories will build […]

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