Prakash Hemdev

Prakash Hemdev is a Senior Vice-President and Global Head of Strategy and Marketing in Cognizant’s Digital Systems & Technology Practice. He is responsible for shaping and driving the unit’s business and marketing strategy, redefining operating models and developing go-to-market strategy. In addition, he oversees Garage, an incubation center for driving digital innovations. He can be reached at

Automation: The Way to Modernize Your IT Core

The trend is clear: Businesses are automating as many processes as possible to cut costs, improve productivity and provide better customer experiences. And no wonder; in our recent study, we found that organizations can expect to garner improvements of 20% or more in terms of efficiency or revenue improvements through intelligent automation. IT operations should […]

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IT Simplification: Increasing Competitiveness in a Complex Digital World

Aligning IT with business objectives has been high on the corporate agenda seemingly forever, and it’s hyper-critical today. In the dynamic digital world, technology is often inseparable from the products or services it empowers.  Yet in an age when many companies see their business as technology – and technology as their business – many IT […]

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Hardening Legacy Systems to Create a Modern Digital Foundation

Legacy systems, applications and processes – unsupported by their original vendors and often left behind by new technologies – remain remarkably useful and even critical to day-to-day business operations. A legacy system may act as a bridge to an even older technology, perhaps to access important customer and business data.  Many businesses run  unsupported Linux and […]

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