Poornima Ramaswamy

Poornima Ramaswamy is Vice-President of Cognizant's AI and Analytics Practice. With her 20 years of experience, she consults and works with clients across industries in North America to leverage their vast amounts of data and convert it into meaningful insights to improve revenue goals and drive business process efficiencies. Her focus has been to help clients in their analytics and AI transformation journey and help them transition from a data-driven business to an insights-driven business.

Poornima also runs Cognizant’s Chief Data & AI Officer Advisory Council, which is a community of analytics executives who focus on making AI/analytics a strategic imperative in their organization. She has an MBA (Technology and Finance) and an undergraduate degree in mathematics.



Eight Ways to Forge a Path to Real and Responsible AI

When it comes to high-tech, nothing seems high-techier than artificial intelligence (AI). But when businesses get started on AI initiatives – which most respondents in our recent study are doing – the challenge today is less about technical questions and technology capabilities, and more about crafting a strategy, determining the governance structures and ethical practices […]

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Data-Driven Cultures: Keeping Humans in the Loop

Businesses everywhere are striving to become more data-centric, whether to improve customer experience, develop smarter products and services, or fine-tune decision-making. But while these initiatives rely heavily on technologies such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), developing a successful data-driven culture is not a technology problem to solve. The main ingredient of a […]

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