Patricia Birch

Patricia (Trish) Birch is Senior Vice-President & Global Practice Leader, Healthcare Consulting, at Cognizant. In this role, she leads Cognizant’s Healthcare Consulting Practice, serving providers, payers, pharmacy benefit managers, public sector organizations and other companies serving the healthcare industry. She has years of hands-on experience managing and executing complex business and technology programs, and has served many of the largest organizations across the industry. She is a member of Cognizant’s healthcare leadership team.

Trish joined Cognizant in 2010 and has more than three decades of experience in operations and management consulting, including seven years as a C-level operations and information technology executive, 15 years as a consulting managing partner, and 10 years as a member of the board of trustees for a large healthcare system.  She is also a published author and speaker on issues facing the industry. 

In addition, Trish has worked internationally, serving clients in Europe and China, and led practices at other leading consultancies.  Trish was named to the 2015 Women Leaders in Consulting list by Consulting Magazine and received the Excellence in Client Service award.  She also was honored with the Cognizant CEO Leadership Award in 2017.

Trish graduated from Boston University with a degree in finance and also has an MBA from Jacksonvile University. She can be reached at or

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