Navin Rao

Navin Rao is Vice-President and Strategy Leader of the Quality Engineering & Assurance (QE&A) Practice within Cognizant Digital Systems and Technology. In this role, Navin helps shape the quality narrative for success in digital, with an emphasis on speed and first-time-right. He can be reached at


From ‘Ensuring Customer Experience’ to ‘Assuring Trust’: Rethinking the Role of QA

Imagine a short circuit triggers a fire in your building while you’re at work, and the smoke detector in your smart home fails to raise an alarm. Or you receive a notification that your bank account was compromised because the bank’s mobile application had experienced a cyber attack. Or the insulin-monitoring digital pill miscalculates your […]

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Is Your Brand Digitally Assured?

Imagine your car breaks down on the highway, and you call your insurer for help. A friendly and courteous agent (not an automated interactive voice response system) takes down the details, has your car towed to your preferred garage, and dispatches a cab to take you to your destination. How nice would that be? How […]

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