Mihai Constandis

Mihai is Country Manager, Cognizant Softvision, and head of Romania Studios. He has more than 18 years of IT experience in diverse roles ranging from engineering, testing, project and portfolio management to sales, customer management, and scaling business and large engineering organizations. He joined Softvision eight years ago as a Delivery Manager and had an important role in evolving our successful engagement with our business partners.

Mihai was involved in the implementation and adaptation of the Guilds, Community and Pod model to Romania. He became the Head of Communities for Romania a couple of years ago and has always applied a mindset of evolution and engaging team spirit to building strategic structures and contributing, together with the leadership team, to Cognizant Softvision’s growth and success in Romania. Mihai can be reached at Mihai.Constandis@cognizant.com.


Withstanding Tough Times Requires a Definitive & Durable Work Culture

Companies all over the world are adjusting to a “new normal.” Morning standups, friendly watercooler talk, company-sponsored happy hours and everything in-between have been replaced by virtual interactions – or don’t happen at all. Working in a fully distributed virtual environment is a big adjustment to navigate even in normal circumstances, without having to also […]

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