Michael Zirkle

Mike Zirkle leads Cognizant’s Supply Chain Consulting Practice in life sciences and has over 20 years of strategic consulting experience. Mike and his teams help life science clients achieve improvements across all aspects of the supply chain, including supply/demand planning, sourcing and procurement, manufacturing, network and inventory optimization, distribution, and service and repair. Mike has helped clients successfully transform their service and repair management beginning in the early 90’s and currently leads Cognizant’s Center of Excellence in Service and Repair. Mike’s experience also includes work across industries, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, high-tech electronics, oil & gas, utilities and telecommunications. He can be reached at Michael.Zirkle@cognizant.com.

A New Role for Medical Device Field Service

My first experience in service and repair came in the early ‘90s, working with leading telecommunications companies in the U.S. and Europe.  With deregulation, cost pressures and new technologies, telcos needed to completely change how they planned, dispatched, delivered and managed field service work. It was a tough mandate: Maintain service quality while increasing the […]

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