Matthew O'Kane

Matthew O’Kane leads Cognizant’s AI & Analytics practice across Europe.  His team helps clients modernize their data and transform their business using AI.

Matthew brings close to two decades of experience in data and analytics, gained across the financial service industry and consulting.  Prior to joining Cognizant, he led analytics practices at Accenture, EY and Detica. Over this period, he has delivered multiple large-scale AI/machine learning implementations, helped clients transition analytics and data to the cloud and collaborated with MIT on new prescriptive machine learning algorithms.  Matthew is passionate about the potential for AI and analytics to transform clients’ businesses across functional areas and the customer experience. He can be reached at 

Learning from a Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

A bank turned to one of its data scientists to predict the risk of customers missing their next collections payment, with the goal of reducing bad debt. The data scientist was fortunate enough to have access to a comprehensive data mart containing data across many dimensions – including customers, product holdings, transactions and collections activity. […]

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