Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is Senior Vice President and the Global Practice Lead for Cognizant Digital Experience. Cognizant Digital Experience is made up of more than 15,000 interactive specialists in 53 offices and studios across the globe providing full-scope experience services. In addition to his direct work with key clients, Mark is responsible for the overall growth, vision and strategy of the practice.

Singularly focused on customer and consumer engagement, Mark has held senior positions in global technology-based, data-based and digital marketing organizations for the last 25 years. Prior to joining Cognizant in November 2019, Mark held senior positions at Capgemini, Rosetta (acquired by Publicis), WPP and Havas.

Mark studied economics and business administration and graduated from the University of Sheffield in the UK. He can be reached at

The Customer Experience Ecosystem, Now in 3D 

Not so long ago, a brand was whatever it could persuade customers to believe it was. Today, a brand is defined by how it makes customers feel as they interact with it — its products, its services and its people. This shift in the customer experience is becoming a critical factor in sorting leaders from followers. […]

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With an Experience Operating System, You Can Treat Customers As Individuals

We’ve been talking for more than two decades about the “experience economy,” in which the companies that provide the best customer experience (not just the best products and services)  generate the most value for their customers and shareholders. Experiences become the currency that great companies give to their customers and employees.  Companies have spent billions of dollars trying to improve experiences […]

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Consumer Experience in the AI Age

In the experience economy, breakthrough brands are taking a human-first view. Somewhat paradoxically, they use artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with consumers in ways that create greater empathy and relevance across all contexts. Another paradox is that AI won’t do the work for us. Although it seems counter-intuitive, the deeper customer engagement enabled by AI […]

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