Mark Nobilio

Mark Nobilio is Digital Insurance Domain Leader at Cognizant Consulting. He helps large insurers drive their digital transformation agendas aimed at harnessing digital investments to enhance customer experience, grow market share, expand new market relationships, improve operating efficiency and position digital to deliver business results. Prior to joining Cognizant, Mark was an insurance partner at several top-tier consulting firms.

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Can Digital Innovation Impact Insurance Ratings?

The clock is ticking for the insurance industry. In May, the comment period ended for providing feedback on a new procedure for scoring and assessing insurers’ innovation capabilities. According to AM Best – the rating agency creating the scoring mechanism – innovation is becoming increasingly critical to the long-term success of all insurers, especially with […]

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Shining a Light on Insurers’ Digital Capabilities

Every insurance executive I meet with recognizes the importance of digital to their ongoing business success, and most are full-speed ahead on programs to upgrade their digital business capabilities. But if I asked 10 executives to define what they mean by “digital,” I’d get 10 different answers. As a result, insurers may be investing in […]

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